No Head for Business

I finally finished the T-shirt quilt.....two weeks late.  This is funny in itself because I didn't realize I was on a deadline until a week before I was asked if there was any way it could be done...that week.  I'd not been a slacker per se up until that point, but I hadn't been rushing to finish let's just say.

I learned a lot, mainly not to experiment with new-to-me techniques, like quilt-as-you-go, on someone else's quilt.  It's not that the quilt didn't turn out, but trying new techniques slowed me down and cost more money.  For instance, I ended up adding another layer of batting to disguise the lumpiness of the seams.  I had to quilt more to secure this extra layer of batting which kind of defeated the purpose of quilt-as-you-go and added a ton more time.  I had any number of other trials during construction that I'll certainly learn from.

Gone are any delusions that I could or should quilt for someone else.  I disliked the whole process.  Quilting as a business...pshaw!

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