Which Way Did She Go?

I've had any number of different things happen in the past couple of weeks.  I've not been quilting as a result.  I pulled out the Juki this past week so I could try some quilting on the orange panel of the ZigZag Quilt.

I'm more than halfway through Elizabeth Dackson's Start Free-Motion Quilting class at Craftsy.  The class has been very enjoyable.  Elizabeth is very easygoing.  I like the lesson style.  For instance, Elizabeth doesn't talk excessively at the beginning of each lesson.  She quilts, takes breaks to chat, and then quilts some more.  The only thing I hope for is that I get so see her quilt on a top instead of just practice sandwiches.  Check it out!  (link)

I'm meeting with a mom tomorrow to discuss the T-Shirt quilt she wants me to make for her son.  We know them from the Varsity lacrosse team.  I'm nervous....excited.

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