I finished quilting the orange panel of the Zigzag Quilt.  I thought I was done, but then I ended up having to quilt some more.  I promised Alex spider webs, but tried getting away with just quilting lines in alternating triangles and large stippling in the other triangles.  I was at the Ta-Da moment when Alex was like, "Where's the spider webs?"

I used masking tape as a guide to quilt the straight lines on the orange zigzags.  I free-motioned a large stipple in alternating triangles.  I used a ruler to draw the straight lines of the spider web to quilt by.  I drew the web lines in between those straight lines with an air erasable purple marker.  The air erasable marker lines disappeared so fast that they barely lasted long enough for me to quilt.  I quilted the spider webs with my regular piecing foot.  My stipples actually look half way decent.  The quilting went fairly well overall and I think it's because I didn't have to maneuver a large quilt.

So goes the experiment of using the column-quilting method.  I've wanted to try quilting this way since seeing the Sewing with Nancy series, taking Ann Peterson's Craftsy class (link), and researching quilt-as-you-go methods online.  I like not having to maneuver a large quilt and not being overwhelmed by the amount space I have to quilt.  The drawback is I'm worried about the slight shrinkage I've realized in paper piecing the blocks and quilting this column.  I'm going to use Candied Fabrics' tutorials (link) from here on out.

I have to remind myself that this is a learning experience.  I'm taking notes so that I can improve my results should I ever try this again.  There is a long list of have-to-nest times and don'ts, trust me!

This quilt will have be put on hold for now, though.  I decided to take on making the T-Shirt quilt for one of the lacrosse players on Z's school's Varsity team.

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