I'll Go My Way, You Go Yours

I decided at the last minute to go sew at Wooden Spools yesterday for their monthly Sunday sew-in.  There were more attendees than the last time I was there in January.  I don't like it when there are that many people people because the room gets loud and there's less room to move around.  I accomplished just enough and I was out of the house which was the important thing.

Of debate at these get togethers is any number of quilting methods being put to use.  A couple of us were paper piecing so the discussion made it's way to us.  I'm frankly tired of the debate.  There were those that couldn't contain themselves in expressing their distaste for paper piecing, of course.  The discussion evolved into one about the preferred foundation.  I always print on copy paper, but one person insisted that the freezer paper method was best....and wouldn't let it go.  I'm of the opinion that one should quilt using the methods that work for them.  I'm happy to share my reasoning and my methods, but I don't need anyone to try to tell me I'm doing it wrong or that I should change my ways because their way is so much easier.

I finished piecing all the orange blocks for the zigazag quilt.  I stared on the four Block A's in purple.  I pieced the orange blocks into their column after dinner.

I hate it when my seams don't nest, but there wasn't really any way around that with these blocks.  I tried pressing the grey triangle to orange strings open, but that didn't help.  I resorted to using a dab of glue stick to hold some areas in place in order to get the points to form properly.  A dab of glue works so much better than pinning.

I have decided to quilt in sections for sure.  I can't wait to start.  I'm trying to decide on a pattern.  I figure I can do some quilt-in-the-ditch first.

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