Alex's Zigzag Quilt

My next quilt will be Alex's String Zigzag Quilt.  The good news is that I won't be working under a deadline.  I actually started it months ago, but abandoned it because I didn't like the results I was getting.  Alex saw the quilt in one of my magazines and asked me to make it.  (I can't remember or find the magazine at the moment.)  I found a picture online (link).  When I started making it the first time, I was making paper pieced String HSTs, but I feel the need to simplify the blocks this time around.  Instead of pieceing two HST's and sewing them together, I drafted two blocks in EQ that are 6"x12".  The string lines for each block are off-set so I won't have to worry about seam line issues.

Alex picked the color scheme.  It's kind of odd in my mind, but who am I to really judge.  I'm going to give him what he wants.  We haven't decided on a background fabric other than it will probably be black, but he's picked the orange fabrics from my stash for now.

The blocks:


6"x12" blocks

I'm only going to use the two blocks.  Alex doesn't care and it will simplify the piecing.  I'll use more than two fabrics for zigzag row, though.  The blocks will be paper pieced.  I'll print the patterns from EQ on legal-size paper.

The quilt:

I'm seriously considering using Nancy Zieman's Column Quilts method or the similar Ann Peterson method from her Craftsy class.  This quilt would be appropriate to try the method and might help with my free-motion quilting woes.  If I do, I will probably add another black strip of sashing fabric in between each "column".

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