A Nice Start - Zigzag Quilt

on paper - 6"x12"
I pulled some fabric from my stash.  I don't have a lot of fabric pieces a yard or more so my options were limited.  I'm trying to make this a stash quilt.

His sister will never want to borrow this quilt.  She has terrible arachnophobia.  I like the grey!

I've not been able to sew much.  Z had four lacrosse games this week to start the season.  He was the starting JV goalie.  He broke his dominant hand's thumb today in warm-up, played the whole game not knowing it for sure, and received the diagnosis after the loss.  He'll be out at least 3 weeks.  Worst case, he'll be out the rest of the season.  He's disappointed to say the least.  He'll know for sure after he sees an orthopedic doctor next week.


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